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80 Inspirational Quotes about Love and Relationships


Reading inspirational quotes is a soothing experience and if the quotes are about love and relationships, they’re going to touch your heart and enhance your comprehension of this warm subject. Love relationships are one of the most prominent desires we humans have and the need for them cannot be undermined. Relationships are the heart of life, and love is the soul. A love relationship is what...

Importance of Communication in Relationships


The health of a relationship is based upon how effective the communication in the relationship is. Without communication, a relationship simply cannot exist. Certainly not in a way a relationship is supposed to be. You can also download the PDF version of this article: Importance of Communication in Relationships Relationships are meant to be soothing, supportive and a source of completion for us...

How to Fix Communication in a Relationship


Communication in Relationships Communication is a demand for any healthy relationship. We’re familiar with the fact that communication makes relationships and without proper communication in a relationship, it is doomed to fail. Open, honest and good communication in an essential part of a healthy partnership. Download this article as a PDF eBook: How to Fix Communication in a Relationship...

10 Great Expectations in Relationships [for Couples]


Contrary to the popular belief that the problem with people is expecting too much from their relationships, there is nothing wrong with having high expectations as long as your partner shares them and as long as they’re realistic. This article shares ten great expectations for couples. If you’re expecting your relationship always to be happy and meet all of your physical, emotional and...

33 Quotes About Communication in Relationships


Quotes on the importance of communication in relationships. A collection of quotes 33 on communication in relationships. Communication to a relationship is like oxygen to life. Without it… it dies. Tony Gaskins Don’t assume your partner knows about everything you expect in a relationship. Let him know. A relationship should be based on communication, not on assumption.   Even when it’s...

How to Start a Conversation With Your Crush on WhatsApp


If you are struggling to start a conversation with your crush on WhatsApp, then you are not alone. It can be difficult to initiate a discussion with your crush, especially when you’re texting. As you wish to keep the conversation going but without setting off the alarm bells. You’d like to appear casual yet friendly, you don’t want to look pushy or desperate but you desire to keep those replies...

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