100 Fun Things To Do for Couples

Doing fun things together as a couple is really important. If you want to keep your relationship happening and alive, you need to keep on performing certain fun activities together to keep that spark alive.

That’s the actual key to a healthy relationship. It is high time that you step out of movie nights and dinners and do things that can actually keep the two of you fresh and happy.

Doing things together helps couples improve their relationship. It can fix communication problems between couples and also develop them as a good couple.

So I have compiled this ultimate romantic bucket list for couples: list of 100 fun activities that couples can do together at home, out or at nearby appropriate locations.

Couples Bucket List

  • First Date

If you have just started your relationship, plan your official first date and try to make it a memorable one. You can plan a candlelight dinner to make it romantic and flowers are always a yes!

  • Sports Game

Watch a sports game with your partner with snacks and soda. This can be a lot of fun if both of you are into a sport and watching your favorite teams playing.

  • Write Each Other A Love Letter

Although this is ancient for the current era, I think it can be still very beautiful. It will be very romantic to write a love letter to your partner.

Write a love letter to your partner.

Just like those days when letters were handwritten and sealed with a kiss. In this era of advanced technology, it may surprise your partner and your partner may feel special. Old trends can be really touchy.

  • Watching A New TV Series

Spend some time with your partner watching a TV series. Just get some popcorns, make some snacks or order pizza and get cozy under a blanket. You will surely have a great time doing this. Cuddles and movies can be really fun.

  • Watching Favorite Movie

There must be a movie that you both relate to, a movie that is very close to your hearts. You two can watch it together and can make an ordinary night, a special one.

  • Have A Fabulous Time Photo Shoot

Getting a photo shoot together will be full of fun. Cell phones come outfitted with genuinely tolerable cameras, so you shouldn’t require any additional hardware for this other than a discretionary tripod or selfie-stick. Just pick a romantic location, wear something good and click!

  • Have A Picnic

Life is so busy as you have to earn to fulfill your requirements, you may have a hectic routine. But you have to take a break from this busy life if you really want to spend some quality time with your partner.

Things to do for couples: have a picnic

So here is an easy solution for you, just make a plan for a picnic. Select a romantic place nearby and enjoy with your partner. You can also search on the internet for some splendid ideas for the picnic.

  • Surprise Your Partner With Trip

Plan a trip to somewhere you have never been before and surprise your partner.

  • Staying Up All Night

Do you recall when you two just began your relationship and would spend the pre-sunrise times simply chatting on the telephone? Attempt to replace that unique timeframe by arranging an evening affair that may incorporate talking, snickering or taking a late night walk.

  • Go Ice Skating

Ice skating will be a whole lot of fun. You can see your partner fall and that’ll be absolute fun. It is the most romantic thing to do with your partner.

  • Game Show

Visit a game show together and have fun with each other.

  • Cook Dinner Together

Romance and food have been connected since the beginning, blend in some captivating discussion and you can have the best night out in the town. The dishes that you make this night will turn into a noteworthy piece of celebrating different occasions in your lifetime.

Things to do for couples: cook together

There is nothing special than spending a beautiful evening at your home with your partner while creating some delicious recipes.

  • Leave Your Mark Using Special Monogram

Plan an innovative monogram utilizing a blend of your initials and after that put this structure on something extraordinary. Monograms can be made into charms, stepped on shirts, imprinted on stationary or even weaved on your washroom towels.

  • Call Each Other With Pet Names

You can call each other with some cute pet names. This is simple but yet beautiful.

  • Write Love Poems

Write to each other love poems or romantic lyrics. If you’re not the one who can expresses easily in speech, write.

  • Watch the Sunset and Sunrise in One Day

Viewing lovely dawn or dusk snuggled up with your accomplice is the encapsulation of sentiment. Why not make it an objective to do both in one day? Despite the fact that there are some staggering dusks the world over, there’s no need to go far, you can exploit what’s in your own terrace as well.

watch sunset and sunrise, things to do for couples

  • Share Up Your Feelings

Share your true feelings with each other and feel the love between you and your partner.

  • Dress Up Like A Couple

Fantasies can work out… at any rate, on any event. Regardless of whether you take on the appearance of Romeo and Juliet or any of your favorite character, what could unite a couple than looking totally crazy as a group? You two can dress up as your favorite characters.

  • Games

You can play some romantic sort of games with your partner. Also, it’s not necessary for the games to be romantic. Charades can be fun too!

  • Horseback Ride On Beach

You can enjoy a romantic horseback ride with your partner on a beautiful sandy beach.

  • Road Trip

You can enjoy a spontaneous road trip with your partner.

  • Music Playlist

Compile all your favorite songs on a CD or in a folder on your computer, or even a playlist on YouTube and you can make a ritual to listen to these songs on every anniversary.

Romantic Love Songs Playlist
Romantic Playlist for Couples
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride

You can take a romantic hot air balloon ride with your partner.

  • Take A Bubble Bath

Bubble baths are not only for children, but adults can also have a bubble bath to relax. Moreover, it is the best way to get closer to your partner.

  • Go To A Comedy Show

You can enjoy a comedy show with your partner.

  • Helicopter Ride

If you can afford, this adventure will be a worth it for the two of you.

  • Cliff Jump

It creates a special bonding between you and your partner when you face fear as a team. But make sure that your jump is at a safe location.

  • Go For Camping

Make a plan with your partner and go camping so that you can spend some quality time with each other.

go camping: couples bucket list

  • Cuddle By The Fire

Cuddling by the fire is the best thing to do in winters. You can have deep conversations with your partner about your relationship.

  • Recreate the First Date

Try to recapture your first date. Do things the same way as you did on your first date. You will enjoy this a lot by going back memory lane.

  • Make A Surprise Party

Arrange a surprise party for your partner to make them feel special.

  • Having Breakfast In Bed

Make your morning relaxing with a delicious breakfast in bed. Girls love the idea of having breakfast in bed.

  • Tech-Free Day

Spend a whole day with your partner without using any sort of social media technology. Turn your computers, phones, iPods and all other social media devices turned off.

  • Visit the place where you first met

Try to make it regular to visit the place where you met for the first time. It may be a coffee shop, pizza shop or a restaurant. Visiting the place where you first met will leave you in nostalgia and it’ll surely let the love bounce back.

  • Hide And Seek

Play hide and seek with your partner not only at home but also when you visit a shopping mall or any place you both love to visit.

  • Pillow Fort

Use pillows, blankets and things like these to make a fort. Watch a movie and enjoy fort cuddle with your partner.

  • Hometowns

Visit each other’s hometown just to know each other better. Taking interest in your partner’s personal life is a must.

  • Learn a New Language

Try to learn new languages together. Mispronunciations and weirdly funny words can make you two laugh.

  •  New Year’s Eve Celebration

Make a plan for New Year’s Eve to make it special. Don’t go with an ordinary New Year plan. Let your partner know that you’re looking forward to spending the year together.

  • Questioning Game

This game depends on how long you and your partner have been with each other. Ask random questions about you and your relationships.

  • Date Night Jar

Make a jar containing different strips having different date night ideas. And use this jar to get different ideas for your date.

  • Stay In Tree House

When you were a child you always wanted to live in a tree house. You must experience this thing with your partner as well.

  • Tea Party

Have a tea party with your partner. Grab a cup of tea and talk. It’ll be simple but sweet as well.

  • Read the Same Book together

Read a book together. For this, choose a book you both will love to read. You two can discuss the book. It’ll be healthy for your brain and for the relationship too.

  • Stay Up Late

Stay up late at night to spend most of the time together.

  • Crazy Things

Do some crazy things with your partner to make your moments memorable.

  • Climb A Mountain

Go hiking together. Try to climb somewhere together and feel the beauty of summiting when you finally reach the top.

  • Take A Scenic Drive

If climbing isn’t your thing, taking a picturesque drive can be the best alternative. Grand drives may vary with each season.

  • Rock Out At A Concert

Music has the power to bring people close to each other. Attend a festival and just rock it out.

  •  Dance In The Moonlight

Feel free to dance in the moonlight. It’ll be romantic.

couples romantic playlist, dance in the moonlight

  • Time Capsule

Store some pictures of different events when you spent time with each other or movie tickets etc. then put this box away and open again at some special moment or date to recall the old days.

  • Fun Race

When you are out for a walk or some sort of picnic, try to have a fun race with your partner.

  • Be With Your Partner

Be with your partner most of the time and try to spend your free time with your partner. Talking isn’t necessary, existence is everything.

  • Gazing At The Stars

Snuggle on the hood of your vehicle while looking up at the stars.

  • Renting A Hotel

You must rent a hotel for a night, whether it’s near to your home or no. A night our at a different place can cheer up both of you.

  • Skype

Skype when you are not with each other.

  • Romantic Dinner

Fill the supper table with roses and candles, and after that, make a heavenly dinner to run with them.

  • Exhibition Hall

Stroll around an exhibition hall while holding hands and comment. Exchange your views because it is important.

  • Matching Sweaters

Take cheesy pictures in coordinating sweaters for your vacation cards.

  • Scrapbook

Make a scrapbook that contains the majority of your valuable recollections.

  • Drive-In Movie Theatre

Discover a drive-in motion picture theater and make out in your vehicle while the film plays.

  • Feed Each Other

Feed each other your overrated treat from over the table.

  • Flour Battle

Bake some dessert and get into a flour battle like the couples you’ve found in films.

  • Favorite Band Concert

Get tickets for the concert of your favorite band to listen to your favorite song live.

  • Lease A Water Boat

Take a watercraft ride, so you can watch the water like Jack and Rose. Locate a neighborhood lake that rents paddle watercraft for the day and spend an evening on the lake alone with your partner, appreciating the nature.

  • Take A Pottery Class

It is really romantic to make pottery together. Get your hands dirty together. Must try attending a pottery class.

  • Stroll Through A Botanical Gardening

Botanical gardens are excellent and reviving. Go for a walk through one and appreciate the magnificence of nature in a particularly beautiful setting.

  • Wonderland

Visit wonderland or Disney land with your partner and go crazy. If one of you is scared of swings, the other will surely enjoy seeing him or her making those faces when scared.

  • Watch Firecrackers.

It doesn’t need to be on the fourth of July to watch firecrackers. On the off chance that they are lawful in your state, get a few and set them off in a field or at the waterway. Or on the other hand, go out and get a few sparklers and play with them on the terrace.

  • Hugs

Give your partner emotional hugs. It can help you and your partner to get even closer to each other.

  • Visiting A New Coffee Shop

Find another, astounding coffeehouse as opposed to heading off to your standard chain café. Locate a curious, privately claimed shop to help a neighborhood business and comfortable up in a corner with your partner to appreciate some coffee.

  • Flowers

Give flowers to your partner especially early morning. Consider the choice of your partner while giving flowers to him or her.

give flowers

  • Go On Ferry Ride

This moderate moving experience is an extraordinary approach of touring and unwinding with your partner. Appreciate taking a ship from one side of the waterway to the next and complete a bit of touring before returning.

  • Dance In The Rain

Dance with your partner in the rain. Enjoying rain together is the key to a happy relationship.

  • Paint A Room

While this may appear as an exhausting activity, it will surely be extremely cathartic and unwinding to paint a room. Take some time at home with your love to hear some extraordinary music and repaint a room of your choice.

  • Bake A Cake

It doesn’t need to be for any occasion or event, but simply bake a cake with your partner as a romantic activity.

  • Best friends

Be best friends to each other and understand each other’s problems.

  • Dance

Clear the furnishings of space to make some space to host a dance party for two persons. Pick any classification of music you need and simply hit the dance floor with each another. You don’t need to stress over people watching you or passing judgments on your moves.

  • Take care

Take care of each other’s feelings and other requirements. Always give space to each other.

  • Go skydiving.

Make something up to get your partner in the vehicle — tell them you’re visiting a companion. The point where you’re heading towards the skydiving area, shock them with this energizing experience. Make sure that this is something that your partner will love to discover.

adventurous things to do for couples: skydiving

  • Lease a bike for two

Rather than trying an old outing, lease a two-person bike for an opportunity to get in a state of harmony.

  • Reproduce a sentimental film scene

Have a go at taking prompts from the motion pictures that you adore.

  • Shopping

Visit the best shopping mall near your place and enjoy shopping with your partner. Play hide and seek there, try on funky clothes, GET CRAZY TOGETHER!

  • Take A Turn On A Ferris Wheel

You should surely try Ferris wheel with your partner once in your life.

  • Eat On The Floor Together

Plan a supper devour the floor utilizing comfortable tosses and delicate pads. It will make your night romantic.

  • Take A Hot Yoga Class Together

Searching for something both sentimental and athletic to do together? Why not take a hot yoga class together? Getting hot in class together will probably be amazing.

couples bucket list: twosome yoga

  • Mini Golf

Old kind of fun, cordial challenge and cheap. What’s not to adore?

  • Visit The Aquarium

Aquariums aren’t only for school children, they’re likewise an extraordinary place for a date. Go to discover sea life.

  • Try To Be Tourists For The Day

Go touring around your city. Stop at the spots you regularly pass by yet never go into.

  • Stir Your Internal Identity

Stop at the toy store to get a couple of treats. Try playing Frisbee or flying a kite for some open-air fun.

  • Draw Portrayals Of Each Other

It doesn’t make a difference if neither of you is extraordinary at illustration, trying it out is everything.

  • Watch people

Sit someplace outside where many individuals will in general stroll by. Make a backside story of everyone passing by, dub them up, it’ll be hilarious.

  • Sing for your partner

Sing a beautiful romantic song for your partner. You can also try singing together in public. It will be full of fun, right?

  • Adventure

Try something adventurous to do with your partner. Get into your car and just travel to somewhere fun. It can be a desert or a forest.

couples on an adventure

  • Cosmic bowling

It’ll be fun for both of you to try cosmic bowling together. You will surely have a lot of fun.

  • Double date partners

Find your double date partners. If you’ll be able a solid double date partner you will have a lot of fun. You can arrange some sort of competition with each other.

  • Starting a new tradition

You can start a new tradition with your partner, something which you and your partner can try every year.

  • Long drive

Go for some unplanned long drives. Start driving and just go where the road takes you. Do some romantic talks and spend some quality time with your partner.

  • Dancing Lessons

This is another cool activity that the two of you must do at least once in your lifetime. Dancing is a happy activity, if you two get some training and maybe perform a dance together on a party or a wedding of your friends, you’ll definitely come closer to each other in the process.

  • Board Games

There are 10s of board games like Scrabble, Chess or simply Ludo that the two of you can play to have a good time.

  • Video Games

Couples who play together, stay together. Video games are a great way to have a ton of fun on a simple in-house game night.

couples playing together

  • Binge Watch a TV Show

Binge watching a TV series together on Netflix is one of the best date ideas that does not require much effort and can be a win-win if you don’t wanna spend much but want to have a date night.

  • Amusement Parks

Visiting a nearby amusement park on a Sunday is a healthy activity for couples.

  • Bike Rides

Riding a bike together in the countryside can be awesome if you enjoy the outing and a bit of adventure.

  • Ghost tour

You should try a ghost tour with your partner. Holding hands out of fear is so beautifully romantic.

  • Get A Couple Tattoo

You can get a couple’s tattoo. They can be temporary if you are not comfortable with a permanent one. Get something that you both relate to or something that defines you as a couple.

If you’re looking to keep your relationship healthy or are just looking to vibe it up, all these activities will surely help you to do so. It’s never late to try out different things.

I hope you’ve had some of these picked by now and will go on to try with your partner. Do share how it turned out for you, share your story in the comments below or reach out to us on any of our social media channels.


  1. Michael

    What a long list. It’s great to have it but really when you are with your special someone, just for me, most of the time events happen unexpectedly which are the exciting parts.

    1. So true, spontaneous romantic gestures are the most memorable and enjoyable ones.

  2. Gena

    This is such a great post! I love all the romantic ideas. Who said VD is only once per year hahaha

    1. Exactly! Every day should be celebrated as Loveday by couples.

  3. Surekha Busa

    Wow.. All of these things are so romantic doing together. We haven’t tried most of it. But I was looking forward into climbing a mountain and cliff diving.

    1. I have done hiking and rock climbing, it was a great experience. Good luck with your adventures Surekha.

  4. Geraline Batarra

    These activities are so fun to do. But my all time favorite is to have a breakfast in bed and wear a matching outfits..

    1. Matching outfits can be so much fun.

  5. Lyosha

    awesome list! 100 things will fit couple of years marriage, hehe. very nice idea to shake up good old couple too. Great and helpful post

  6. Monidipa Dutta

    All these activities are great and lovely to do. But I love to lie on the terrace and look at the stars.

  7. vidya

    great list! we do so many of these things so often but unthinkingly and it is part of our routine need to add other things now

  8. Whitney Kutch

    These are super cute ideas! I love the one about writing love poems <3 So cute!

  9. Liz

    Wow! These are a really good and abundant list of activities for a couple – cooking together, watching series and playing board most of the time works for us. Thanks for a lot more options!

  10. Tescha Chetty

    I love cooking dinners and going for picnics. I find it to be creative and an inexpensive but yet romantic idea:)

  11. Razena

    Now I wish I had a significant other. There are so many fun couples things on this list!

  12. Laura Dove

    I love this! What a great list and such fun ideas, some not costing anything at all which is always a bonus!

  13. fashionandstylepolice

    Great ideas for activities for couples. Always good to make time to do stuff with your other half.

  14. Christopher Mitchell

    Wicked, I’ve got a ton of new ideas now out of this! Thanks!

  15. Gill Trotman

    These are all very great ways to keep a relationship young, healthy and alive. Other than going on regular dates here and there my wife and I take a trip to Disneyworld every year to “stay young” and make fun memories together. Awesome post. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Jennifer Prince

    These are such great ideas! The idea of a photo shoot is so fun as is writing love letters. It’s important to stay strong together!

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