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If you’ve got an original and unique piece of content that fits our niche, feel free to email your copy at “ @ gmail . com” for a review.

Please note that we will only publish high quality, original and unique content that we feel is fit to read for our specific audience. Content that is copied from another place, spun or written by an AI will never be accepted.

If you want to contribute but have no idea what to write about; you can email us and we will send you a couple of titles that we’d be interested in.

Although there are no hardcore rules regarding the length of an article: but articles of word count 1500 to 3000 are more likely to get published.

It is preferred that you also include media such as images that are relevantΒ in the content. You must specify image/media source along with each.

Please also note that we have the right to edit and modify the submitted content to fit our style and requirements.

You may include contextual links back to your website or blog, we allow up to two personal links in a content of over 1500 words and only 1 if it is any less.

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