How to Start a Conversation with Your Crush on WhatsApp

How to Start a Conversation With Your Crush on WhatsApp

If you are struggling to start a conversation with your crush on WhatsApp, then you are not alone. It can be difficult to initiate a discussion with your crush, especially when you’re texting.

As you wish to keep the conversation going but without setting off the alarm bells. You’d like to appear casual yet friendly, you don’t want to look pushy or desperate but you desire to keep those replies coming. And it is not easy to strike balance between all of these.

Communication in relationships is of utmost importance, especially at the beginning when you’re trying to build a relationship.

So, the following guide is to help you out in the early stages of communication via texting or WhatsApp with your crush.

  • Greetings That Get The Replies

Hello and Hi are okay, but maybe not so when your engagement with your crush is fairly new. So, try to greet them in a way that demands replies. A simple ‘Hey’ with a Question mark can generate some curiosity and probably will get the reply to get you started.

Emoticons and gifs are also in trends while using WhatsApp, so do not hesitate to use them.

  • Ask Open-Ended Questions

If you’re trying to spend some quality virtual time with your special one, asking questions that have a simple Yes or No answer is certainly not the way to go about it.  Ask open-ended questions to prolong the conversation, dig deep into their mind and maybe discover some compatibility.

Try to think of questions that will lead to more questions from their response, so that it appears to be a natural flow in the conversation.

Simply asking, how was your day or week can lead to hours of conversation over text.

  • Be Unique

In this era, it is quite hard to be original while texting, so you should try to be unique by being creative. Be attentive in observing their response. Nothing beats some unique flirt with a personalized wit.

Conversation with Crush


  • Don’t Be Weird

An important one, right? You do not want to appear weird and make things awkward. Play it cool, overuse of anything whether its ‘loved by all’ emojis or all the necessary exclamation marks.

Even asking too many questions would annoy your crush, and you don’t want to do that for sure. So, try to be cool, keep it simple and conversational.

  • Laughter Charm

If you are naturally funny, good for you. If not, good thing is that you can be hilarious in texting. So, try to make them laugh, especially when you’re starting off the conversation. As it can help to lighten the mood for the whole time-period ahead.

Funny images or Memes in the interests of them can work well in this regard, also if you have some amusing reference to an earlier moment or discussion that you two shared, that would work wonders for you.

Make Your Crush Laugh


  • Compliments to The Rescue

Everyone loves compliments, so make sure you compliment your crush. They will feel appreciated and that will get your closer to their heart.

You can complement them for their looks, personality, what they wore or even what or how they think about something. Just be genuine about it and this will spread a positive vibe in your conversation.

  • USE Emojis and Gifs

As there is no non-verbal communication involved, using emoticons is kind of a necessity to showcase your emotions while texting.

Use Emoticons

WhatsApp has plenty of built-in emoticons that can be used, plus there is a huge database of gifs available to search that can also be used to find something appropriate for the moment.

  • Be Intimate

With this texting activity, one goal of yours would definitely be to get closer to your crush. You can increase the level of intimacy with your crush by using their name in the conversations every now and then.

Especially when starting off, you can write their name instead of a simple Hi and see if that brings a quicker response.

Another practice would be to ask personal questions. But here you have to be careful, keep in mind all the earlier points. Don’t be weird, yet ask the personal question on appropriate times in the right fashion to show interest in them.

This will increase the comfort level you have with your crush.

  • Voice Message

Another way to get more comfortable and increase the intimacy level is by sending voice messages. This is a very useful feature in WhatsApp and must be utilized appropriately.

Tip: Do not record long messages that would make them quit listening in the middle, short and sweet is the way to go. And if you’re lucky enough, you might get to hear their voice in return too. And surely, you’re going to listen to that message more than once.

  • Give Them Priority

Text your crush at least once a day, even when you’re busy. Also, do not wait for them to message first, you can always do so. This shows that you have a priority for them in your life.

And surely, your crush will realize and appreciate this. And if for some reason, they cannot reply to you soon enough, don’t start messaging repeatedly as that can be irritating.

  • Show That You Care

You must show your crush that you care about them. Appreciate their achievements, congratulate them on even the smallest of accomplishments. Ask about their day, their vacation, their studies etc.

This will make them notice that you do care and will result in more trust and closeness between you two.

  • Apply Your Wit

Don’t be shy about being a little naughty or making a mushy statement. You can appear quite adorable while doing so and there is no harm in that.

A naughty comment can lead to funny little (intimate) conversation that might bring huge smiles on your crush’s face. You can even try to tease your crush with a unique (adorable) nickname that you might have for your crush, don’t forget to use a wink emoji or gif to show that you’re being funny as you don’t want to land in some serious trouble.

  • Send them a Selfie

Tens of selfies a day are quite a norm in this era, (you’re an exception? How wonderful!) and if you click a good one. You can share with an interesting caption to let them come up with a cool reply. Their selfie maybe, if this is your day.

  • Share Photos

Captured some nice photos while you were outing this weekend or when you visited that famous beach last summer? You can share those old photos with your crush and that can also lead to them sharing their old pictures as well.

This will be a fun exchange and can even become funny if you start sharing those embarrassing photos with one another too.

  • Share Hobbies

Sharing hobbies can lead to discovering common interests. That would be a great plus to get closer, if you both like hiking, maybe a hiking date would get a YES response.

So, share your hobbies and interests and get to know theirs.

  • Share Love Quotes

Quotes are always a worthy share and reading inspirational quotes is a soothing experience. You can share beautiful images of love and relationships quotes to create a happy and positive vibe in the discussion.

  • Voice/Video Call

Once your crush is comfortable enough with you, maybe it is time to make a voice call. And make those conversations oral, it can start from small conversations and if you are a good listener, can go up to long hours of talking on the call.

And once you two are close enough, video calls would be the ultimate over WhatsApp. The experience of being right next to each other even when you are far apart, it cannot get better than this, not while texting anyways.

  • Make Memorable Goodbyes

No matter how long you’ve chatted, you have to say goodbye for the day eventually. And goodbye moments are very important, you want to try to make a lasting impression.

Try to make your goodbye to your crush quite memorable, maybe a unique goodbye phrase to make your signature, or a kiss emoji to add the intimacy flavor at the end.

Make your last words for the day to your crush count in a style of your own. Stray away from being typical and be creative to make something unique between you two.



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    Its awesome write up. It is also quite helpful in getting attention from the crush.

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    Nice suggestions. I studied in a boy school growing up, all these practices surely can help me meet more girl friends.

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    Love the tips here. The voice record feature on Whatsapp is so cool. I use it every now and again.

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