How to Make Your Partner Happy

How to Make Your Partner Happy – Ultimate Guide for Him & Her

Are you having some trouble in your relationship? Won’t it be great if you could make your partner happy and it all works out just fine?

Well, I’ve got some tips listed below that work every time. 

Putting an extra effort to make your partner happy now and then takes a relationship far and beyond. Your efforts and gestures go a long way to keeping a healthy relationship

How to Make Him Happy

I’ll say this from experience, it is very easy to make your man happy. 

The list of tips below on how to make your husband or boyfriend happy contains expectations your man has from you. 

Follow these and your man will be very grateful to have you as his girl. 

Respect him:

Respect is the First Decorum of Love.

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Every relationship that can stand the trial of time, must have respect. Respect your man when you’re alone and in company as well.

This will earn you great respect from him too.

Following are a few points that come under respect:

  • Support him in every situation
  • Treat him good
  • Listen to him
  • Don’t criticize his family or parents
  • Show him that he is the priority for you
  • Never make fun of him in front of others or in private
  • Give him your attention, try avoiding social media and smartphone when you’re having some Twosome time
  • Never let him feel ignored

Trust him:

Trust is the most important building block of a relationship. Trust establishes vital feelings of safety and security for your partner. Without trust, your relationship will have a lot of uncertainty, anxiety, and negativity.

You will never be comfortable in your relationship if you don’t completely trust your life partner. some ways of showing your trust to your partner are given below: 

  • Always speak truth to your partner
  • Always answer honestly
  • Share your passwords with him 
  • Express your feelings for him in a nice way
  • Don’t check his phone
  • Don’t hide and lock your phone
  • Share good and bad news with him
  • Take advice from your partner and act upon 
  • Let him go out with his family and friends
  • Don’t ask many questions about his past

Welcome him with a smile:

Nothing beats a welcome smile from your lady.

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When your man comes home from the office or any other place always open the door with a smile on your face.

Tell him that you were waiting for him and you are very happy to see him. A good greeting has the power to lessen the tiredness of the whole day and to freshen his mood.

Arrange a pleasant surprises for him:

Everyone loves pleasant surprises. Surprise him with something that would excite him and he will be a very happy chap for quite some time.

These surprises will increase your love in your partner’s heart.

Compliment him:

Everyone loves compliments, and compliments coming from people close to you mean the most.

So never hesitate to complement him, in private and in public.

And a compliment is never too small, so never hesitate to complement even the slightest of things.

Some examples of compliments that men wants to hear:

  • I like your new haircut.
  • I like how you talk to me.
  • I like how you smile.
  • You look nice and beautiful when you smile.
  • You are amazing.
  • You are the best person in my life.
  • You look handsome and gorgeous in that suit.
  • You look cute when you cry.
  • I like the way how you handle problems.
  • I am proud of you my partner
  • I have respect for you in my heart
  • You always give me good advice
  • I am lucky and happy to have you as my life partner
  • I appreciate all you do special for me 
  • I will always on your side 

Be sincere:

 Without Sincerity, there cannot be a healthy relationship.

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Being sincere in a relationship means to talk, react and act according to your character with honesty and truthfulness.

The ways to be sincere in a relationship are given below:

  • Make promises which you can keep.
  • Respect your partner’s likes and dislikes.
  • Take care of his things, he will definitely appreciate that.

Let Him Know That You’re Grateful:

Taking your partner for granted is the worst that can happen in a relationship. So, let him know that you’re grateful to have him by your side.

That will make him realize how lucky he is to have you.

Be supportive:

Men love the support of their lady in whichever the situation they are in.

So, always try to show your support, especially in his stressful times. Stress can cause substantial levels of uncertainty, anxiety, exhaustion, fatigue, and depression. It usually shows up in your actions and verbal cues. It impacts both partners and their relationship.

If you allow stress to control your connection with your partner, it will create a sense of tension and disconnection.

For a happy relationship with your partner, you should be supportive of your partner. Your emotional support to your partner will increase his attention in his work and confidence. It will decrease his stress level.

Some ways to show your supportive behaviors to your partner are:

  • Be available to listen to his problems.
  • Provide a good and easy solution to his problems.
  • Support him during the decision making for important matters of life.
  • You should know what he needs.
  • Respect his career dreams.
  • Help him to complete his tasks.
  • Believe in him and encourage him.
  • Create a stress-free environment at home.
  • Don’t talk about the stressful moments of his life.
  • Don’t try to change him, not too much that he notices 😀
  • Don’t complain about the unnecessary things. 

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Cook for him:

As the popular saying;

Way to a Man’s heart is through his stomach.

Foodie or not, nothing beats a delicious home cooked food by your girl. So have him addicted to the taste of your hands and he will be a happy chap.

This hack works every time when your man is angry, make him his favorite dish and he will forget everything else.

Don’t prolong a fight:

Prolonged fight in a relationship will tire both of you and will leave both of you feeling hurt and depressed. Try to Apologies for your mistakes and forgive him for his.

There are few ways to bring your relationship back to equilibrium after a fight:

  • Don’t drag the fight by useless arguments
  • Give your partner some space 
  • Think about it when you are alone 
  • Take time to focus on your actions and words
  • Communicate productively and respectfully
  • Don’t defend yourself either you are wrong or right
  • Be kind and affectionate for each other

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Now that we’ve covered how to make your husband or boyfriend happy, it is time to move on the other side of the table.

If you are a man in a relationship, you’ve got to learn these tips on how to make your wife or girlfriend happy.

How to Make Her Happy

Even though it is true that women are not easy to understand, but it is not that hard to make your woman happy.

Follow these simple tips and your girl will be happy and very grateful.

Respect her: 

The most important thing that you can do for a woman is to give her respect.

Here are some ways to show your lady the respect she deserves:

  • Value her opinions
  • Give her a chance to speak
  • Never insult her
  • Don’t judge her 
  • Don’t humiliate her in public, not even for laugh in a friends circle
  • Don’t treat her like a child
  • Treat her like a queen she is
  • Avoid being rude to her
  • Accept her friends
  • Don’t force her to do those things which she doesn’t like.
  • Don’t embarrass her in front of other people
  • Don’t abuse her in any situation
  • Talk to her in a courteous way
  • Trust her in every matter of life
  • Always be generous to her.

Be loyal:

Loyal men are hard to find these days. Your partner will feel blessed and happy if you will be loyal to her.

If you are loyal with your woman then show her your loyalty. There are different ways to show your loyalty to your partner, some of them are given below:

  • Express her how you feel
  • Don’t sugar coat your genuine feelings when you talk to her
  • Be honest and straightforward, lying can disturb your relationship
  • Give your honest opinion without being judgmental to your partner
  • Don’t talk about her negative traits behind her back
  • Don’t indulge in rumors
  • Always try to fulfill your promises
  • Stand by her in every problem 

Compliment her:

Women love compliments.

Yup, nothing more or less. So, always compliment her for her looks, her work, her gestures and even for her being.

Make your woman feel appreciated and confident. Some common compliments which girls want to hear from you:

  • I always learn many things from you.
  • Your eyes are so beautiful.
  • You look nice when you smile
  • You are not like anyone else in the world
  • You are nice at what you do
  • You are looking great in this suit
  • You have a positive attitude towards life 
  • I like your choice
  • You are very special to me
  • I feel happy and comfortable to have you in my life
  • Nobody can make me happier than you
  • You make me feel comfortable
  • You are my everything
  • I can listen to you for hours
  • You are perfect 
  • You look so delightful all the time
  • You are the best person in my life.
  • I like your talking style.

Listen to her:

When she is talking to you, pay attention to her words. Sometimes your girl only needs someone who will listen to her. Most of the men don’t want to listen to their woman’s problems. If you will listen to her carefully she will feel happy. You can make her happy with a little effort

Your effective communication plays an important role to run your relationship smoothly. If she wants to share something with you, give her your full attention and listen to her without interrupting.

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Put your phone down when she is talking to you. Make eye contact with her and use verbal clues to let her know that you are listening to her properly. Don’t offer advice until she asks for your advice.

Make her laugh:

If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.

Marilyn Monroe

Make her laugh and you will have her heart.

Cook for her:

Cooking for her is one of the best way to show how much you love her. Cooking for her is a gesture that will delight her.

It shows compassion, loyalty, and love.

Give her gifts:

Everyone loves to receive gifts, and especially if they are from their lovers. So give your lady a gift often, this is a quick fix to a lot of relationship problems and can scale the happiness meter quickly.

The gifts don’t have to be very expensive (although those work better), you can gift her some small things as well, like a chain, a ring, a necklace, a key chain having her name on it, a dress, a pair of shoes, a bag, a perfume, a bracelet, her favorite chocolate, etc.


Trying to make each other happy in a relationship is the basic requirement for a long and strong relationship.

If you find these tips helpful, do try to practice the ones you liked. And if you have some more up your sleeve, please share below in the comments.

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