How to stop Arguing in a Relationship

How to Stop Arguing in a Relationship – Overcoming Constant Arguing

Arguments are a part and parcel of any relationship. But sometimes, if we’re not careful, they can cause some irreversible damage to our relationships as well. So if you are in a relationship, you must learn how to stop arguing in a relationship or else you’re gonna have some constant troubles.

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Although it is impossible to be in a relationship and never argue with your partner. But there is certainly a way to handle arguments so that things don’t go out of control. 

If you’re in a relationship and having trouble with constant arguing which is deteriorating your relationship, then keep on reading because this article will help you out. 

You can make your relationship happy and peaceful by overcoming constant arguing in your relationship.

These tips will help you to keep your relationship strong and stable.

Why do couples argue constantly?

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There are lots of reasons for constant arguments in a relationship. One of the main reasons for arguing is that it is a kind of learned behavior, we’re grown up watching it [Unfortunately]. 

Money, lack of attention from your partner, work, chores, lack of mutual understanding, morals, values, these are all examples of possible causes of arguments in a relationship.

How to stop arguing in a relationship?

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You should channelize your arguments to avoid major conflicts in your relationship. Some ways to organize your arguments and to stop arguing in your relationship are given below:

Accept The Differences:

Everyone has their mindset and they work and think according to that mindset. You should not expect from another person that they will meet your requirements completely. 

Don’t assume or expect that everything will be according to your way.

Accepting differences is an important characteristic of a healthy and long love relationship.

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If you will accept your partner’s mindset and behavior you will avoid many conflicts and constant arguments in your relationship. 

Accept that you and your partner are two different personalities with different thoughts, feelings, beliefs, likes, and dislikes. 

So you should expect that you will agree about some matters of life and disagree on others, and that shouldn’t be an issue in a twosome couple.

Practice Patience: 

Patience is the Key to Calmness.

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Patience is sometimes hard to practice when tensions are high but it is the best way to stop arguments in your relationship. 

Patience helps to enjoy mental and physical health. It is an essential key to maintain a happy and successful relationship.

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Communicate and understand:

Spend some quality time together listening to each other. Sometimes feelings need to be verbalized to avoid extreme conflicts in your relationship. 

Talk about your feelings with your partner. Many arguments can be diminished if your partner understands your feelings.

Choose silence:

If you are angry and thinking of saying some harsh words, try remaining silence for a while and see if that feeling surpasses.

When your partner is angry, give them time to explain their point of view about the situation. 

This encourages your partner to keep talking. Listening without interrupting gives you a better understanding of the situation. 

This is the best tip to stop the argument that you close your mouth and open your ear. It also increases your respect in the heart of your partner. You can judge your partner’s position before defending yours. Constructive silence can save you from future problems.


Most fights between partners are due to stress, anxiety, anger, and fear. Meditation can help to decrease your stress level and anxiety. 

So, your conflicts and constant arguments can be solved as a result of meditation. 

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You will remain calmer even when your partner is angry. If you will diminish the willingness of false arguments, your partner will also begin to receive the positive vibes.

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Work for a Solution: 

First of all, think about your problem with a peaceful mind and find a solution to your problem. 

If you are unable to find the solution to your problem then talk to a friend and explain your problem in detail to them. 

Sometimes, all you need is another set of eyes to see where does the problem lie.

And if that does not solve your problem either, maybe you should consider some professional help.


Compromising is an important part of conflict resolution. Find a mid-way that can satisfy both of you. 

Without compromise either the arguments can go on or one of you get whatever their desired outcome, and this is not an outcome that is beneficial for a relationship.

It is very easy to say but very hard to take action. If you decide to compromise then you can make your relationship free of many typical fights and arguments.

Learn from the Past:

Use your previous resolved issues as an example for the present and try to resolve it similarly.

Don’t repeat those things which were the cause of conflict between you and your partner. 

Establish Guidelines/Rules:

Find a good relaxing time for you two to discuss an issue resolving mechanism. 

We all know What Robin and Barney (How I Met Your Mother) decided on. 🙂 But that obviously cannot work for long. 

Set some rules with your partner to solve conflicts. Tell your partner which things you don’t feel comfortable with. You can limit some behaviors which often result in a fight.

Adopt self-care: 

When someone is going through stress, it can influence their relationship too. 

You should healthily manage your stress level and have a self-caring routine so you don’t let the negativity get into your relationship. You should adopt a routine that is self-caring, relaxing and nourishing. 

Apologize properly:

“I am sorry” are the words which are very powerful to solve conflicts in a relationship. 

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Some people feel uncomfortable and reluctant to apologize because they have fear to admit their mistakes and acceptance of responsibility. This point of view makes the situation worse. 

Apologies show sympathy, care, and love to your partner. Your reluctant behavior can destroy your relationship. 

Although it is very difficult, admitting to one’s mistakes and apologizing to the loved one, can take the relationship far and beyond. 

Establish a peaceful climate: 

Focus on creating a peaceful and positive environment at home. 

Positivity is contagious, and unfortunately so is negativity. So, make an effort to keep positive vibes. 

Winning an argument shouldn’t be more important than being happy. 

And I can assure you, giving up on arguments to make your partner happy goes a long way to boost the happiness meter in a love relationship.

Don’t be defensive:

In a healthy relationship, the priority should never be defending your stance but resolving to a solution that is better for both and the partnership. 

Don’t get defensive in the argument, rather be accepting and open-minded. 

Respecting the perspective of your partner and learning to adapt are two of the most important factors in keeping calm in your relationships.

Don’t Assume, Ask:

Assumptions are bad, really bad. 

So, ask questions to receive what is at the other end rather than assuming and reacting to something that may not even be there. 

Stay in the present:

There is never a positive outcome from arguing about something from the past. 

Let the bygones be bygones. 

So keep your attention to the present and a lot of unneeded tension will be avoided. 

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Use respectful language:

Language plays an important role in an argument. You should be respectful even when you are frustrated or upset. 

Shouting or using foul language will never yield anything but will leave some scars.

Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love.

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Conclusion: How to Stop arguing in a relationship?

So here you have it, follow these guidelines and you can establish a healthier and calmer love partnership. 

If you have more tips or tricks up the sleeve that have worked for you, please share with us in the comments below. 

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