Importance of Communication in Relationships

Importance of Communication in Relationships [PDF Guide]

The health of a relationship is based on how effective the communication in the relationship is. Without communication, a relationship simply cannot exist. Certainly not in a way a relationship is supposed to be.

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Relationships are meant to be soothing, supportive and a source of completion for us. And only a healthy relationship can provide for such needs.

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Successful relations are an outcome of effective communication between the partners and in this article, we’re going to discuss why communication is so important in a relationship and why you should bother about the importance of communication in a relationship.

And how learning to communicate effectively can help to strengthen your relationship as well as fixing your unhealthy relationship. Effective communication is one of the key factors that make a good couple.

Less Communication > More Problems

Lack of Communication Causes Problems in Relationships

If you think that the problem you’re facing shouldn’t be discussed with your partner; well, you’re wrong.

Whether it is a problem concerning the relationship between you two, or about anything else whatsoever. Discussing it with your partner will only help you two get closer.

When we’re going through a tough phase, we need some support and there is no better support than the person you love, your partner.

Discussing your issues with them will build trust between you two, and it will strengthen your bond. You may find solutions to problems that you couldn’t have thought of by yourself.

Lack of effective communication can cause many unwanted problems in your relationship. So, it is very important that you try to communicate effectively with your partner.

Effective communication can resolve even the toughest of issues quite easily between partners. And when you two are able to communicate effectively with one another, you’ll find happiness in this activity as well.

A common example of this is concerning financial expenditure. Couples often ran into financial issues, which is quite normal. And if you feel that your partner is squandering money, you should definitely bring it up and discuss it.

It is better to discuss and say it out now rather than to keep it in your mind and let it explode at the very wrong time later on.

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Top 3 Gains of Effective Communication in Your Relationship

  1. Trust

Can you trust someone who does not share their thoughts with you? Not a chance. Effectively communication builds trust.

If you can talk to your partner about anything concerning, they will start to open up as well. And this is the level of trust you want in a relationship. Effective communication paves the way for this.

  1. Honesty

Once you two are able to communicate openly without much hesitation with one another, it is highly likely that you will be much more honest with each other now.

If you are honest with your partner, you’ll be able to admit your weaknesses to them and hence, build more trust and acceptance.

  1. Respect

Honesty leads to respect. So, communicating effectively in your relationship can also enhance the respect you have for each other.

Communication can make or break a relationship. So effective communication is of utmost importance as not only it builds trust, honesty, and respect in your relationship, it also decreases the needless arguments that are quite normal in the usual couple.

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Effective Communication > Happiness

Being able to communicate easily is also an indicator of happiness in a relationship. Happy couples are those who can communicate effectively.

Lack of communication not only hurt your relationship but also your partner. So, if you want to be in a relationship that spurs happiness in your life, you better fix communication in your relationship.

Effective Communication Brings out The Real You in Your Relationship

Importance of Communication in Relationships - Effective Communication brings out the real You in your Relationship.

If you lack communication, you cannot be yourself with your partner. Being able to communicate effectively removes hesitance and you are able to say things with freedom.

Being yourself is very important in a long-term relationship and effective communication is the way you reach that level of comfort in your relationship.

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5 Easy Ways to Improve Communication in Your Relationship

  1. Listen Attentively

The number one rule to effective communication is listening properly and with full attention. When your partner is expressing themselves, you better comprehend those words and listen to understand rather than to reply.

Being a good listener improves communication immensely. Your partner will feel much at ease when talking to you if they know you’ll listen well.

Do not interrupt while listening, let your partner complete their point and make sure you understand their perspective before you try to reply or put forward your side of the coin.

  1. Talk about Now

Never ever bring up past mistakes into a current discussion. I know you’ll be thinking to justify your point, but believe you me, it is only going to worsen it up.

Focus on the scenario at hand and let the bygones be bygones.

  1. Discuss in Person

Communication is much more effective when you two are in front of one another and in person. Because effective communication is not only the words you speak and hear but your body language and non-verbal communication is also an important aspect of effective communication.

Talking in person enhances effectiveness in communication so when possible, always try to communicate in person.

  1. Pick the Right Time

Choosing the right time to communicate is as important as the communication itself. Try to wait for the right time when both of you are free from any other distractions and have full time for this conversation.

  1. Stay Calm

Never start by pointing fingers and placing blame at one another. Approach the conversation calmly and try to keep your composure even if the argument starts to get a bit hot.

Calmness is also contagious and this will make the conversation proceed in a much more effective manner.

By adding these simple ingredients, communication in your relationship will improve big time.

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So here is the recap of what we’ve discussed so far:

Why Communication is Important in a Relationship?

Effective communication builds trust and honesty that leads to openness between partners. Couples who cannot communicate well enough, are not able to share themselves completely with their partners.

Communication helps brings out the real you with your partner and that enhances the level of comfort in the relationship. And that leads to a relationship that is a source of happiness in your life.

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  1. Samantha Donnelly

    Such a great post, we have been together nearly 20 years and there is nothing we can not talk about with each other, communication is the key to a successful and honest relationship

  2. Clarice Lao / Camping for Women

    ‭I totally agree that communicatoin is super important in a relationship. This was our struggle during the first few years of marriage.

    Though I loved the tips you shared. They are true and still applicable up to this day.

  3. blair villanueva

    Open communication is important, and texting isn’t enough. It gives more understanding and build strong relationship

  4. Rhian Westbury

    You are so right about the importance of communication. You can’t expect someone to know exactly how you feel without speaking to them x

  5. Ron Leyba

    Communication is the most important aspect of any relationship. Without this, everything will fail. This applies not only to romantic or family relationships but also to other aspects like in a work or office settings.

  6. Elizabeth O

    In relationship communication is the most important to maintain the relation to be strong ,to solve the problem, to know everything and to express the feeling inside.

  7. Becca Wilson

    Communication is definitely so important when it comes to relationships – no matter what kind it is. Having an open line is something that can ensure that there is trust there.

  8. Jana

    Communication is the key for every relationship. Lack of communication ruins everything because instead of knowing how the other person feels, we just assume.

  9. Anne

    I’m terrible at communicating in relationships and this post is such a great reminder that I should be trying harder. I think the hardest thing I have trouble with is staying calm. I love what you said about calmness being contagious. I will try it.

  10. Marysa

    Communication is so important, and I often find that people shut down when they are mad or upset. It is very frustrating and while it is hard, it is so important to keep the lines of communication open!

  11. David Elliott

    Communication is so very important. It’s key really. But it’s not just about the fact that you communicate which is important. It’s how you communicate what you communicate which is the key to successful communication. And it’s the key to great relationships. I know my ex prided herself on honesty but she didn’t care how damaging what she said could be. Unfortunately, she did damage as much as she helped when she was communicating.

  12. fashionandstylepolice

    Effective communication is very important in every relationship. We need to keep the communication lines open for a successful relationship.

  13. HilLesha

    Communication is one of the most important factors in having a successful relationship or marriage. In addition to communication, it also helps to communicate in the way that it doesn’t come across as being disrespectful.

  14. Whitney Kutch

    Communication is very, very important! It makes such a difference in any relationship. Thanks for these great tips!

  15. Bushra

    Really amazing post… A lot of problems take place because of less or no communication. The most important point which grabbed my attention is “Pick the Right Time”, it’s really very important to talk about certain things at a right time… 🙂

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