What Makes A Good Couple?

Nothing is perfect in this world, if perfection means having all desirable and required elements and qualities. But a couple can definitely be perfect for one another and that makes a good couple.

A perfect couple can be defined in many ways as it differs for every person. Definition of a perfect couple is based on one’s political, social, moral and cultural beliefs, their history of life, psychological needs and the way of thinking.

In a perfect relationship between a couple, there is contentment, fun and satisfaction with each other.

Things which make a healthy relationship vary from couple to couple. For every couple, it is very important to make a relationship strong and beautiful. And It takes some effort and time.

Both partners need to input energy and sincerity in order become a good couple and have a perfect and healthy relationship.

Following are the major characteristics that makes a good couple. These traits can take an ordinary love couple to an exemplary perfect couple in a healthy and strong relationship.  

Great Chemistry

When you are a good couple there is a strong and beautiful chemistry between you two. You feel a special connection and you feel at ease with each other.

Effective Communication

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. A discussion is the best way to solve a problem and to settle down things. In order to make a good couple it is necessary to discuss things with each other. You can understand your partner better by communication, by discussing each other’s problems.

I and my partner discuss our routine, what we have done the whole day. Believe me, it really proves helpful to keep us close to each other.

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Do Things Together

Doing fun stuff together is very important. According to my experience couples who try different good and fun things together are closer to each other. They know each other better. I and my partner try some adventurous things like hiking, road trips, and gaming etc.

Couple on an Adventure Trip

Respect Each Other

Respecting each other is necessary to maintain a joyful relationship. Sometimes you can do things out of habit that can actually hinder the level of respect your partner has for you.

For example, talking negatively about your partner’s family or friends can create a negative impact of you on your partner.

You should understand your partner, give him/her respect and space to do things in his/her own way. It will make your partner happy and you will have a long-lasting relationship.

Spend Quality Time

It really doesn’t matter that how much time do you spend with your partner, the thing which matters is the quality of time which you are spending with your partner. The quality time you spend with each other makes your bond stronger.

You can have deep discussions while having dinner at a romantic place. I always try to plan a walk or a long drive with my partner to spend some quality time with him.

Love Gestures

The acts and gestures of love you do for your partner can develop a beautiful vibe in your relationship. You need to show with your actions that you love your partner.

It is really very important to know which language of action is best for you. You should give your partner a gift or a service or a romantic kind of physical touch.

You need to act the way your partner feel special. I give gifts to my partner to make him feel special.

Time Apart

Doing things with each other is a good thing to make your bond even stronger. But along that you also need to understand that your partner needs his/her own space too, to do things in his/ her own way.

You should maintain a healthy boundary and autonomy in order to make your relationship long-lasting. It’s vital to do things in your own ways and remain independent.


Couple Appreciating Each Other is good.

Often, we forget to appreciate our partners and take them for granted. But believe me, little words of appreciation make others feel so happy and they try even more to make your life easy and full of happiness.


True love is when your partner makes you want to grow and become better. They are always happy for your success and help you to be a good and successful person in life. If you both try to evolve, your relationship will evolve too.

This article on Guardian explains why you need to focus on self-improvement to improve your relationship.

Emotional Closeness

Emotional closeness can help you get to understand and know your partner more. It includes being open to each other in expressing feelings, beliefs, hopes, worries, dreams, fears and thoughts.

You need to be attentive when your partner is telling you about his/her feelings, experiences etc. It makes your partner feel more comfortable and special with you.

Sometimes people just want you to understand them without judging or criticizing them. This makes your bond stronger and builds trust between you two.

Smiles and Laughs

Couples who can make each other’s laugh are perfect for each other. Laughing they say is the best medicine, and what is better than your partner making you laugh.

A smiling face of your partner can make you forget your problems as well. So, good couples greet each other with smile and laugh together to make happy memories.

Physical Closeness

Effective communication to strengthen the intimacy is one of the prominent factors of a perfect couple in a healthy relationship.

Couple Intimacy Quote - Let's do some "we shouldn't be doing this" things.

To get close physically with your partner is another essential thing to become a better couple. And it is not just the sex or the bedroom activities, according to my experience holding hands, sitting close to each other, romantic hugs make your partner feel safe and strong with you.  


We all do stuff that can upset the partner, so it is important to realize when you have committed a mistake and apologize for it. Even if it is not your mistake saying sorry can help you to make your relationship even stronger. Try to reconnect after a fight.

Know Your Pressure Point

Try to be flexible in changing for each other in such a way that it does not affect your priorities, core values, and beliefs. Try to compromise in case of little things but not in every case.

Make Rules for Technology Use

Try to spend time with each other instead of using social media on a mobile phone. Try to lessen the use of mobile phone. For example do not use the phone when you are having lunch or dinner with your partner, during talking to each other, during an evening walk. It will help you a lot in making a strong relationship with your partner


Growing up and being mature means making some real efforts in order to overcome the negative influences of the past.  When people are emotionally grown up they always try not to react according to past experiences in their current relationships. Emotional maturity helps a lot in improving the chances of achieving a sound relationship and making a perfect couple.


When you are open-minded and free-thinking person your partner will surely feel comfortable discussing every kind of problem he or she is facing. Your partner can discuss things which are lacking in your relationship but are important as well.


The perfect accomplice sees their mate on both an observational dimension, intellectual person and an instinctive, passionate dimension. This individual can both comprehend and identify with his or her partner. At the point when two individuals in a couple understand one another, they know about the shared traits that exist among them and furthermore perceive and value the distinctions.

At the point where the two partners are empathic, that is, fit for speaking with feelings and with respect for the other individual’s needs, mentalities and qualities, each accomplice feels comprehended and validated.

Building up our capacity to be empathic encourages us to comprehend and adjust according to our partner.


Love requires affection and intimacy. If you do not work on it, it will start to fade and eventually die. In a perfect couple relationship, both partners are affectionate and responsive in all aspects i.e. emotionally, verbally and physically.

According to my experience being open to both receiving and giving affections adds up special poignant feelings to lives of both partners in a couple.

Sense of Humor

A good sense of humor can be a lifeline in a relationship. The capacity to chuckle at one’s self and at life’s weaknesses enables an individual to keep up a legitimate point of view when managing serious issues emerging in a relationship.

Couples who are perky and prodding have the ability to face unstable circumstances with their funniness.

A good sense of humor certainly facilitates partners to bear tense moments in a relationship. Having the capacity to laugh at ourselves makes life easier. In addition, it is one of life’s most prominent delights to giggle with somebody near us.

A Happy Couple is a Good Couple
A Happy Couple is a Good Couple.

Make Some Time for Your Partner

Life gets too busy and your duties can be tough. Try to find some tie in order to relax and have fun with your partner. As the relationship progresses, you may feel comfortable with a busy schedule of each other. But it is also necessary to give each other time.

Always try to do something new every month. Try to revive the old days. It will help in keeping a spark in your relationship. Try to cook food for your partner. Try to plan some picnic or watch a favorite TV show.

Discuss Your Dreams with Your Partner

To make a healthy relationship talk about dreams, and goals with your partner. It will give fuel to the passion of your partner. These healthy discussions will give strength to your relationship and it will help your mutual goals

Discuss your childhood days with your partner, also tell them about your plans and how you see the relationship in future.

Share your dream vacations, and how do you plan to save and make the travels with your partner. Also discuss your plans about your career with your partner, you will definitely earn their support for your goals in life.

Speak Up When It is Needed

Sometimes there are problems because nothing is perfect. At that time instead of holding back your feelings tell your partner about how you feel and discuss the matter.

It is better to express your feelings than to keep the negative thoughts pile up inside you. It is sometimes helpful in resolving problems to express anger.


It takes time to make a relationship strong and long-lasting. To make it such, both partners need to work hard with each other, not against each other. If both partners try to work on it and try to solve issues then there is a good chance that they can be a perfect couple for the rest of their lives.

Put Your Plans to Action

When you and your partner make a plan in order to spend some time with each other or to bring some spark in your relationship, make sure these plans happen. Put your efforts to make your partner feel special.

Enjoy the Moment

Try to take pleasure in doing little things, for example, savoring a good meal. Such simple activities make you feel happy and relax. And make your bond even stronger. It helps you a lot in in taking your relationship to the next level and become a great couple.

Stay Honest

As they rightly said, honesty is the best policy. And this is especially important in intimate relationships. You need to be honest with your partner but also make sure that you are not hurting them in the process. As sometimes, too much honesty can also be hurtful, so there should be a balance kept in regard to this.

Shared Interests

In a perfect couple, partner shares their interests. That’s why they try doing things together. They make it obvious to participate in such activities to make the bond even stronger.

Even a combo favorite romantic love songs playlist can work in this regard.

Make Each Other Priority

Everyone has their priorities life but at the same time, it is important to maintain them. In a perfect couple relationship, your love partner comes before your job, hobbies, friends or anything else.

If your partner needs you for something, you must attend them and not make them wait.


In a perfect couple, jealousy and doubt does not exist. Trust is the basic thing required to make a strong relationship. You can leave your partner for a long vacation and do not worry about what is going on.

Trust is not hard or forced but it is just there. I think trust is the basis of a relationship and of the key ingredients of a good couple.

Trust is Gained through effective communication.


A good couple has these above-mentioned qualities in abundance. You just need to make sure that you’re surrounded by loyalty and showcase loyalty as well. Try to make every day a ride full of fun with your partner.

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